3,000 greengrocers lost in last decade

British high streets have lost nearly 3,000 greengrocers over the last decade, new figures have shown, highlighting the dramatic decline of traditional shops and forcing customers to pay more for their fruit and vegetables.
The closures highlight the “slow death” of the British high street, which has been caused by the growing power of supermarkets and the increasing costs of running an independent business.
Campaigners argue that shoppers have been left considerably worse off from the closures, with the price of fruit and vegetables 45 per cent more expensive in supermarkets compared with the same produce at a traditional grocer, according to Daily Telegraph research.
Rose Prince, a food writer and campaigner for local shops, said: “Not only is it a tragedy that British high streets have lost so many greengrocers in recent years, it has led to a marked decline in competition.
“Without vibrant greengrocers, supermarkets can get away with charging far more for their fresh fruit and vegetables.”

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